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The Olive Shop - An Introduction

Legend has it that Athena, goddess of wisdom offered the olive tree as the most valuable gift to mankind in a competition with Poseidon the sea god. Because of its many uses – such as the provision of heat, food, medicine and perfume – the olive tree was therefore chosen as the most valuable gift and in return for Athena’s contribution, as opposed to Poseidon’s gift of the horse, the most powerful city in Greece was named Athens in her honour.

It was John Roupas’ love for one of his country’s most popular products - olive oil - that led to him opening The Olive Shop.

Having worked in the food industry for over 16 years, John decided that the time had arrived for him to start doing things his way, promoting and developing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet through his carefully selected products.

In this presentation, John will discuss the benefits of using olive oil in our daily diets and how to care properly for your olive oil.

Meet John and get to grips with all things olive by checking out our Show Timetable

John Roupas

The Olive Shop

The Olive Shop


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Festive delicacies
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